afternoon tea cake
all in one chocolate cake
apple, banana and ginger cake
apple cake
apple cake in a nutshell
apple, carrot and walnut loaf
apple and banana cake
apple and blackberry cake
apple and coconut cake
apple, apricot and almond cake
blueberry and lemon yoghurt cake
blueberry crumble cake
blueberry, mint and lemon Bundt cake

cappuccino cake
caraway seed cake
carrot and orange cake
carrot upside down cake
chocolate, almond and amaretti cake
cherry and almond yoghurt cake
chocolate and blackcurrant cake
chocolate and cherry spice cake
chocolate and chestnut fondant
chocolate and ginger cake
chocolate courgette cake
chocolate finger cake
chocolate fudge cake
chocolate Guinness cake
chocolate margarita cake
chocolate prune cake
chocolate rum cake
chocolate, almond and amoretti cake
chocolate, beetroot and apple cake
chocolate rum cake
Christmas cherry Bakewell cake
coffee and walnut cake
coffee, almond and blackcurrant cake
courgette cake
courgette, lemon and poppyseed cake
courgette, lime and coconut cake
crafty chocolate cake
date and apple cake
Dorset apple cake
double coconut cake
drinking chocolate cake
Dutch apple cake

Easter chocolate cake
Easter mess lemon cake
Eccles cake
economical £1 chocolate cake
Eiffel tower cake
emergency ginger cake
fantasy cake
fig upside down cake
fish and chips birthday cake
flourless chocolate torte
French apple cake
fresh or frozen fruit cake
fresh pineapple upside down cake

gateau nantais
German apple cake
ginger and apricot cake
ginger and chocolate bundt cake
ginger cake
ginger prune cake
ginger, rum and spice cake
ginger Guinness cake
ginger valentine cake
gluten free cherry Bakewell cake
gluten free coffee, almond and blackcurrant cake
gluten free party cake
gluten free wedding cake
gooseberry and almond streusel cake
gooseberry and elderflower cake
guilt free, gluten free black forest cake
Halloween cake
hazelnut, plum and chocolate cake
Herman cake
honey cake
honey chocolate cake
hummingbird cake


lemon and elderflower roll
lemon and ginger cake
lemon and ricotta cake
orange and sultana cake

parsnip and lemon cake
parsnip, honey and clementine cake
peach melba cake
peanut butter cake
peanut butter and jelly Bundt cake
pear and chocolate brownie cake
pear and ginger cake
pear and ginger upside down cake
pineapple upside down cake
plum and almond Bundt cake
plum and blackberry drizzle cake
plum crumble cake
poached pear and ginger cake
prune and apple layer cake
pumpkin and ginger traybake
pumpkin, apple and walnut spice cake
pumpkin, banana and walnut Bundt cake
pumpkin spice Bundt cake
raspberry and coconut cake
raspberry and pink fizz drizzle Bundt cake
redcurrant, rose and raspberry Bundt cake
Riesling wine cake
rhubarb and almond cake
rhubarb and hazelnut honey cake
rhubarb and raspberry upside down cake
rhubarb and vanilla crumble cake
rhubarb, orange and almond cake
rhubarb upside down cake
root vegetable cake
rum and date cake (GF)
rustic pear and strawberry tart

Sandringham fruit cake
Spanish almond cake
Spanish chocolate cake
spiced coffee apple cake
spiced parsnip and mincemeat cake
sticky ginger cake
sticky pear and ginger upside down cake
sticky toffee loaf cake
sticky toffee pudding cake
strawberry, almond and nectarine cake
strawberry and lemon cake
summer fruit cake
summer fruit streusel cake
Sunday school cake

Valentine surprise cake
vanilla spice Bundt cake
war cake
warm chocolate torte
zesty orange and poppy seed cake

Cakes that deserve a second chance or are a work in progress, "just because".