December 29, 2016


Christmas dinner pie

We shall be thoroughly glad to see the back of 2016.  Just when I was thinking “thank goodness” that it would soon be over, it got even worse.  On 14th December Nick was admitted to hospital having apparently had a heart attack a few days before.

It’s a long story and suffice it to say, we got him back home in good shape on 23rd December.  With all the usual preparations out of the window I managed to scramble together some kind of Christmas, most of the food being bought last minute from Iceland.  I have to say, it was all good, apart from the sprouts.  Frozen sprouts are not great. 

Anyway, just like for everyone else, l find that leftovers at Christmas can be a challenge.  We love leftovers actually and often find them the best part of any meal and more than ever I hate throwing food away.  Earlier this year my friend Nicole introduced me to the concept of Sunday Dinner Pie.  In actual fact it was Nick that first enjoyed it at their house on one of the occasions when I was in the UK sorting out my dad’s medical problems.  They have a tradition of putting all the leftovers, meat or fish, gravy or sauce, along with all the veg, into a pied dish with a pastry lid on top and voila!  A tasty and very easy meal the next day.

Christmas dinner pie2

For the Christmas version, you simply fill your pie dish, whatever the size, with chopped turkey (or other meat), leftover veg, roast potatoes, stuffing balls, and in fact anything you like.  I would have put some pigs in blankets in mine but they had mysteriously vanished by the time I came to look for them!

Cover the filling with leftover gravy, making some more or adding a little water or wine if necessary.  Top with a pastry lid, home made or shop bought, and bake at 180° fan for about 30 minutes until the pastry is golden brown and the filling bubbling around the edges.

Christmas dinner pie3

We love a good pie and this was the best so far this year.  Who wouldn’t enjoy Christmas Dinner in a Pie?!

This one served four people but it all depends on how much leftover food you have and the size of your dish.