April 3, 2020

SPINACH, PEA AND SAUSAGE EGGS FLORENTINE - yet more pandemic cooking.

This is one of those recipes that I couldn't wait to cook the moment I read it in a blog.
The lovely Dom's blog, Bellau Kitchen, is a joy to read and has over the years inspired me to cook lots of new dishes.  Cakes, soups, chicken thigh dishes, quiches, and many, many more.  The recipes always work and some have become my absolute favourites.
This was a huge hit with us when I made it just yesterday.  Although I was keen to try it, it actually took me a month to get around to it.  Knowing that there were some sausages, spinach and peas in the freezer but huge queues of people with trolleys patiently waiting to get into our nearest supermarkets (Tesco and Aldi) polarised me into activity and I finally did it. 
The only other ingredient that might not necessarily be a store cupboard/freezer item is the cream but as I said recently, we have a few boxes of Tesco "UHT double cream substitute" which were destined for France and is now very handy to have in here.
You can see the recipe here.  For the herbs I used a sprig of thyme from the garden and the only real deviation I made from the recipe was to use Cumberland pork sausages not veggie ones and about half the quantity of everything except the sausages.  That was plenty for the two of us, and in fact just two eggs not four would have been fine. It was absolutely delicious.

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