December 16, 2021

CRANBERRY AND ORANGE BUNDT CAKE and a Happy Birthday to me!


I recently had a Big Birthday!
Unfortunately I couldn't get all seventy candles on the cake so settled for one!

For my birthday cake I fancied making a recipe I had had my eye on for a while, a cranberry and orange cake by Lynn Hill.  I decided to make it in a Bundt tin for the extra glamour.

It was done in much less time than that specified in the recipe, 55 minutes.  In fact by then it was probably slightly over baked and would have been fine after 50 minutes.  It had a very dark and crispy crust with brown speckling, as warned by Lynn in the write up, due to the very high sugar content.  I decorated it with a drizzle of icing made from 3 tablespoons of sifted icing sugar and enough orange juice to make it the right consistency to run over the sides of the cake.  That disguised the not so attractive appearance of the naked cake!

Once through the crispy crust it was superb!

The mixture was quite stiff so the cranberries didn't sink at all and were beautifully evenly distributed.  I used fewer cranberries than stated in the recipe as my punnet only contained about 220g.  It was plenty I think.

It tasted delicious, cranberry and orange being one of my favourite combinations.

It also kept well in a sealed box and the last few slices made an excellent dessert served warm with custard.  You can see the recipe here.  Apart from the tin, the cooking time, the quantity of cranberries and the addition of the icing I followed it to the letter! 

Cuts into 18-20 portions.


  1. WOW! Your cake looks stunning and my mouth is watering x

  2. Lovely cake - and a happy belated birthday! Cheers

  3. Happy Birthday - belated unfortunately. I'm sorry you had to make your own cake but it does look a good one. That's a seriously large birthday cake candle, by the way.

  4. Let them eat cake, said Marie A, supposedly. As opposed to bread, of course. But she showed she was human by asking the tumbril to stop so she could stop to do a widdle en route to you know where. Do you ever do a recipe for bread as a "banker" - ie, proving you're at the right bearing of the compass when it comes to The Class War.

    1. Roderick, not sure about class war but whenever we make bread we do it the lazy way using our ancient (25years old probably) Panasonic bread maker and the recipe that came with it. We usually use the granary flour that we get from Taylor's Corn Merchants, a Derbyshire firm that sells lovely flours as well as pet food. We are however always careful to pick from the right shelf!!
      Happy New Year and I hope your recovery from your recent operation goes well and speedily.