June 2, 2024

SAUSAGE PATTIES or an almost free lunch.

I recently made some mini sausage rolls for a picnic and there was a bit of sausagemeat left over, probably about 75g or two tablespoonfuls.  A couple of days later, with that, the remains of the beaten egg from brushing the pastry and a portion of leftover mashed potatoes an idea sprang to mind.  I added some breadcrumbs made from one slice of "wonderloaf" blitzed in my mini processor.

I first thought of making rissoles or meatballs so mixed everything together in a bowl and divided it into four large balls.  I then decided that the mixture probably wouldn’t hold its shape in a frying pan so patted each one lightly into the well buttered holes of a muffin tin.  

After ten minutes at 180° fan they were coming along nicely and I sprinkled a bit of grated cheddar on top.  They were then baked for another fifteen minutes.  They were absolutely yummy, plenty for two people, and we had ours with some baked beans.  In fact they were so yummy that I would even buy more sausagemeat to make them again!