August 26, 2023

A LEAKY QUICHE RESCUE MISSION success snatched from the jaws of disaster!

With guests arriving for dinner I was flummoxed when, on removing my blind baked quiche pastry from the oven there was a large crack in it and a couple of small ones.  It was bound to leak.

Rats!!  What to do, what to do?  There was no time to make a batch of pastry, or to pop to the shops to buy another pack.  I put my thinking cap on and came up with a solution.

I had half of a "wonderloaf" in the house.  The pappy white sliced bread that’s neither very nutritious nor tasty but is good for cucumber sandwiches and toast with marmalade.  I pinched a bit out of a slice, rolled it into a small sausage, brushed one side liberally with some of the egg filling and squashed it into the cracks with the back of a fork.  I hoped it would stick sufficiently to plug the gap.

It worked!  There was still a little leakage but nothing major.  I shall have to remember this for future and presumably any kind of bread would work. The quiche was delicious and nobody knew how close the leaky leek and goats cheese quiche was to becoming a frittata instead!


One week after the event/almost baking disaster it has just occurred to me that the thing to do would be to save the pastry trimmings until after the quiche shell comes out of the oven.

I could have easily used a bit of the pastry trimmings to plug the hole if I hadn't already discarded them.  Hmmm........I'll try to remember that in future!


  1. Genius! I shall file this one away for future use. Currently keeping a pack of tortilla wraps in freezer at all times (because the granddaughters will always eat these if they turn up unexpectedly, wanting food) I suspect they'd be as good for patching and mending.

    1. Angela, I was mightily relieved when it worked! I imagine any bread product would do the job and wish I had thought of it years ago!

    2. I have just added a note that the intelligent thing to do would be to save any pastry trimmings until the quiche shell is baked. Any cracks could have been plugged with a bit of pastry if I hadn't already binned them!

  2. Well done, a great idea. I mostly make crustless quiches for us now, but if we have visitors I will remember that quick fix. Cheers Diane