October 18, 2019


I find preparing Bundt tins fiddly and time consuming.  Getting melted butter into all those nooks and crannies, then dusting with flour, is a messy job and it's easy to miss a bit.  Turning them out is always stressful and I have had to disguise many a damaged cake with crafty icing in the past.
I have had success with shop bought cake release in spray or liquid form but have been somewhat unsure about some of the ingredients and frankly some of them smell slightly unpleasant.
Home made cake release paste is a revelation and easy to make from storecupboard ingredients.  Simply put equal quantities of each ingredient in a mini chopper and blitz them to a paste.

Brush the paste carefully into all the crevices of your Bundt tin using a pastry brush.
Store the remaining paste in a jar in the fridge, bringing it out shortly before you need to use it each time.  Mine usually keeps in the fridge for several weeks.
 No more Bundt disasters!
Cool the cake in the tin for about ten minutes (turning it out too early can still result in disaster) and it should slip out easily and cleanly.  No more shaking, tapping or cursing needed!
Perfect Bundts every time!

Cake release
50g plain flour
50g vegetable oil
50g white cooking fat (I use Trex)
Measure the ingredients into the bowl of a food processor or mini chopper.  Process until smooth.  Or you could simply beat together in a bowl with a wooden spoon until smooth.  Store unused paste in a jar in the fridge.  Bring it out of the fridge a few minutes before you next want to use it.

Mind you, nothing is ever completely certain as you can read here !! 



  1. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing your recipe. I was gutted when Dr Oetker stopped producing their cake release spray as it was the only thing which turned my bundt cakes out perfectly. (Although like you mentioned, it did smell a bit questionable.) I'll definitely give this a try as I really miss using my nice Nordicware bundt tin.

    1. Jo, there are many recipes for it on the internet, all very similar and all very successful. This one has worked well for me, except for just one recipe (see above)!
      Just put plenty on!

    2. I look forward to seeing the results of your tin in use !!

  2. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who thought cake release sprays had an odd odour. This release recipe could prove very useful, although I've no idea where my bundt tin has gone.

    1. Phil, it's useful for all cake tins but I hope your Bundt tin surfaces and is put to good use very soon!

  3. I made and used this for the first time today. I made rhubarb and custard cake in a new enormous springform ring tin with a fancy patterned base. So not a bundt, but not a standard tin either. The cake release worked very well and I was very happy. I'll definitely use it again.

    1. Susan, when I made it in the UK using Trex it kept in the fridge and was usable months later. When I made it in France using the French equivalent (I forget the name of it) it was mouldy after a few weeks. Interesting!