May 21, 2020


Did you know that yesterday was National Quiche Day and International Chardonnay Day?  (Or maybe the other way round.)
No, I didn't either until after we had had quiche with salad and a nicely chilled glass of the aforementioned for lunch!
I was inspired to make this particular quiche after reading my friend Ken's blog post which you can see here.  He and Walt make one of these every year when the French white asparagus first appears for sale.  It always looks so delicious and I have meant to make one for a long time, but never got around to it.  Or never remembered when our English green asparagus is in the shops.
The asparagus spears are boiled until just tender, cooled then wrapped in slices of ham.  I made mine slightly differently from Ken's because I only had a small pack of asparagus in the house.  So I filled in the gaps with a few extra bits of ham and some cooked sprigs of broccoli.  I also sprinkled some cheddar on top, just because it seemed like a good idea.
We ate ours outdoors in the glorious sunshine that seemed more like July than the end of May.
You can see how I constructed it and what ingredients I used from the photos.  For a detailed account of how to make it, it's a variation on my standard quiche recipe which you can see here.

1 pack ready made ready rolled shortcrust pastry
5 slices of cooked ham, plus extra for filling in the gaps
10 spears of asparagus, trimmed and boiled until just tender
a few small sprigs of broccoli to fill in the gaps, boiled until just cooked
a handful of grated cheddar cheese
3 eggs, beaten
a good dollop of double cream or crème fraiche
approx. 200ml milk
salt and pepper


  1. That's a lovely sight to behold. Delicious. I'm eating as much asparagus as I can get hold of at the moment. Lovely seasonal food always cheers me up.

    1. Phil, it truly was delicious and one we will be having again. You can't beat seasonal food.