February 7, 2023

COFFEE CAKE and on getting withdrawal symptoms.


It is now four months since I made a cake of any kind.

That's one third of a whole year and I am beginning to get twitchy.

The thing that has caused my jitters is that it's my sister-in-law's ruby wedding anniversary this coming weekend and before I could stop myself I offered to make a cake.  They are having a simple celebration at home involving drinks and nibbles so a cake would be ideal.

I then asked what kind of cake they would like and my brother-in-law said "coffee and walnut".

Now, much as I love a coffee and walnut cake (and would kill for a nice thick slice of one right now) I was mightily disappointed to be robbed of the opportunity to make something a bit more out of the ordinary!

The cake in the picture was a coffee cake without the walnuts except for the decoration.  It was an excellent cake and you can read about it here.



For the ruby wedding bash I made the Hairy Bikers recipe for a coffee and walnut cake.

I made it in square tins and served it on a square cake stand, square cakes being easier to cut into smaller pieces than round ones for a gathering I have found.

It was a real hit and received much attention as well as requests for the recipe.  You can see that here.  It's the unique flavour of Camp coffee essence that does it I think.


  1. I just spotted the Apple and Walnut cake on the right of the post. But then I looked at the BBC recipe. It says 500+ calories per serving. Maybe I could make it as a tray bake, and cut into small cubes. Do you think it would freeze OK.

    1. As a traybake you might not need quite as much icing which would mean fewer calories! I'm sure it would freeze well, most cakes do in my experience - good enough for me anyway!