February 12, 2011


I spotted a recipe for a pudding in a blog called “Tracing Rainbows”.

Being very much a fan of both comfort food and puddings I thought it looked interesting and decided to have a go.


You simply mix all the ingredients together in a food processor, pour them in a dish and bake.

The mixture you end up with is extremely runny and I thought to myself “this will never work”.


But it did !!  You end up with a pudding where there is a crust on the bottom, a custard in the middle and a layer of chewy coconut on the top.


Delicious !!

Thanks to Angela of Tracing Rainbows for the recipe for IMPOSSIBLE PIE.


4 eggs

¼ cup margarine

1 cup sugar

½ cup flour

1 tsp vanilla

¼ tsp salt

½ tsp baking powder

2 cups milk

1 cup desiccated coconut


Preheat oven to 170°C.  Butter a 10” baking dish.

Place all the ingredients in a blender and mix well together.

Pour into the dish and bake for one hour.

Serves 4-6

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