February 8, 2013


We recently had to get a new fridge freezer.  The good thing about that is that we had to empty out the freezer drawers and have a good sort out.  Amongst the miscellaneous oddments lurking in the bottom drawer were three boxes containing three fish fingers each, (some battered, some breadcrumbed),  three packets containing a few oven chips of various types and four bags containing a handful of peas in each.  So guess what we had for dinner !!

posh peasI had seen an idea for posh peas in the book “What’s For Dinner?” by Fay Ripley.  She calls them “French peas” but most of the recipes I have ever seen for French peas have bacon or lardons in them.  These were absolutely scrummy without the lardons and easy enough to make while the fish fingers and the oven chips were cooking in the oven !!

Ingredients (it’s not critical to have exact quantities)

400g frozen peas

70g butter

2 leeks

½ an iceberg lettuce

80ml vegetable stock (I used ½tsp Marigold powder dissolved in boiling water)

Flat leaf parsley


Wash, trim and finely slice the leeks.  Cook them in the butter on a medium heat for 2-3 minutes.

Wash and roughly shred the lettuce.  Add to the pan with the peas and stock.

Cover and continue to cook on medium heat for a few minutes, until the peas are cooked and the lettuce is limp.

Add salt and pepper to taste and stir in some chopped parsley.  Serve immediately.

Serves 4.


  1. There is something very therapeutic about having a good clear out. This dish looks so fresh and vibrant.

  2. I've often come across a similar recipe for French-style peas, although I've rarely seen anything quite like it in France. That doesn't mean it's not delicious, though. I'm sure I've got a similar stash in my freezer - although no oven chips and now that I've read about them I have a sudden craving.

  3. Jean, they do look posh! Thanks for linking this up to Food on friday. Cheers