April 9, 2014


plum and apple dappy Two of my favourite baking challenges have joined forces this month.  Random Recipes by Dom of Bellau Kitchen, and Aphabakes, by Ros of The more than occasional baker and Caroline of Caroline Makes, have joined together to create an Alphabakes Random Recipe Challenge.

The idea is to choose a cook book at random and then randomly choose and cook a recipe in the A section of the index. 

Most of my cook books are now packed ready for moving house so my choice was limited to the remaining few in one bookcase.  Glancing along the shelf I saw this book by Laura Washburn:

plum and apple dappy2

Thinking that apples conveniently begin with the letter A, I took it off the shelf and discovered a post-it already attached to a page, one I had obviously bookmarked for baking some time ago.  So I decided to cook that.  I hope that’s random enough to comply with the rules of the challenge!

I deviated slightly from the recipe as I wanted to use up a few plums remaining from baking a crumble the previous weekend, but other than that I was reasonably true to the original.  I also conveniently had half a pack of ready made shortcrust pastry in the fridge left over from making a quiche.

 plum and apple dappy3 plum and apple dappy4

I had never heard of a “dappy” before I bought this book (one of my charity shop finds) and essentially it’s like a pastry roly-poly, filled with fruit instead of jam and sliced before baking.  The author describes it as a little known dish from the West Country. 

I now have several of Laura Washburn’s books, the first one I acquired being a Christmas present a few years ago called “the French country table”.  I have cooked quite a few recipes from all of them and they have always been a success.

As well as charity shops I find a good way of acquiring cook books for a very modest price is to use the “used and new” offer on Amazon.  I have collected some really good books for the cost of  only 1p each plus postage, which is usually £2.80.  One or two of the used books have been slightly grubby and very well used, but at that price, if it doesn’t inspire me, I am quite happy to take it back to the charity shops, which is where I imagine most of these 1p books come from in the first place.  Most of the used books have been in near perfect condition.

plum and apple dappy5

As shop bought plums can be a bit firm I usually cook them before putting them into a crumble or pie, so I cooked these along with the apples and also added a dash of cinnamon for extra flavour.   There was a bit too much fruit so rather than make the pastry too difficult to roll up by over filling it, I just tucked the extra in between the pastry rolls in the tin.

plum and apple dappy6

It was delicious!  A nice change from a pie or crumble and I will definitely be making it again.  I have to say that the shop bought ready made pastry was good too.  I’m using it at the moment to save time but I wouldn’t hesitate to use it again and again.


You can read all about this month’s “Random Recipes meets Alphabakes” challenge here and here.


250g ready made shortcrust pastry, approx half a pack

5 large plums, halved, stoned then cubed

2 medium eating apples, peeled, cored and cubed

2 tblsp golden caster sugar

½tsp ground cinnamon

1tblsp demerara sugar


Put the cubed fruit into a medium saucepan with a splash of water and heat gently for 10-15 minutes until the fruit is tender.  Stir in the caster sugar and cinnamon and set aside to cool.

Preheat the oven to 220°C / 200°fan / gas mk 7.  Line a 20cm square baking tin or dish with baking paper.

Roll out the pastry into an oblong approximately 20 x 30 cm.

Spread the cooked fruit over the pastry and roll up like you would a Swiss roll, from one long side.

Cut the roll into 7* even slices and lay one slice in the centre of the dish, cut side up.  Arrange the remaining slices around the centre one, not touching as the pastry will expand.  Sprinkle with the demerara sugar.

Bake for 20-25 minutes until the pastry is golden brown and cooked through.

Serve with custard, cream, ice cream or crème fraîche.

Serves 4*.

*I followed the instructions and cut the roll into 7 slices but next time I will cut it into 8, to make portioning easier and fairer !!


  1. Yes I could eat that... I wonder if it would work with frozen strawberries? C

    1. Colin, I'm sure it would work perfectly........apple and strawberry go really well together and now that Elizabeth has mastered gluten free pastry ........

    2. I think I would probably add the strawberries still frozen though, as they tend to be a bit mushy when thawed and might make it hard to roll the pastry up.
      But just think of the lovely strawberry juices in the bottom of the dish........
      In fact, next time I make it, I will do the rolling up ahead of time then chill it before slicing, to make easier to cut and arrange in the dish.

  2. Yum. I love that addition of plums. I've eaten the odd dappy in the past and I've always thought that it was a West Country dish. That might be just my strange idea, though.

    1. Phil, you're absolutely right.
      The author describes it as a little known dish from the West Country.
      I shall amend my text accordingly, and look very clever!
      (Rather than a person who's always in a rush and never reads anything properly!)

  3. I've never heard of a dappy before but this looks delicious and I love the flavour combination. It's definitely a change to a traditional pie or crumble. Thanks for entering AlphaBakes.

  4. I've never heard of dappy before, it sounds very good! A great recipe book to choose for this challenge as well, thanks for entering Alphabakes!

    1. Caroline, next time we are chez nous I will try it with the ready made puff pastry that's so abundantly used in France, and see how it turns out.

  5. how did I miss this? SO sorry I didn't see this glorious post... what a marvellous recipe and such an unctuous looking treat!... thanks so much for taking part this month x