March 10, 2014


birthday bundt This is the last cake I will be baking for a while.  The house is sold so all my baking stuff will be packed up ready to be stored or moved before long.

I was pleased to be  making this cake, a birthday cake for my mother-in-law’s 90th birthday.  Her favourite cakes are lemon or fruit cake so I decided to go for a rather special lemon drizzle cake.

birthday bundt2

I used my new Bundt tin, the one that Nick gave me for Christmas, coated it well inside with cake release spray, and the cake slid out perfectly.  That was a relief!  After the previous disaster (here) I can safely say that the tin was not the culprit on that occasion.  I must remember not to put fudge into a Bundt cake again !!

birthday bundt3

I’m not into fancy icing so I decorated the cake with some pretty number candles and pink roses.  I used a small shot glass to act as a vase which I pushed into the hole in the middle of the cake.  I lengthened the stems of the candles by attaching them to wooden kebab sticks with sellotape so that they would stand up at the right height in the vase.

The recipe comes from the blog Delicious, Delicious, Delicious, which you can see here.  It worked perfectly, although I didn’t prick the cake to make holes for the drizzle to soak in as I didn’t want to spoil the lines of the cake.  I just kept pouring the syrup over, recollecting it as it ran off by putting the cake on a cooling rack over a dinner plate.  That resulted in a nice coating of sugar and some of it definitely soaked in through the crust.  To finish the cake I added a light sprinkling of edible glitter.

birthday bundt4

It looked very pretty in the centre of the table for my mother-in-law’s birthday tea.  The flavour was good and everybody enjoyed it.

So that’s it for a while.  I have no idea where my next post will come from, but I’ll be back as soon as we’re settled somewhere !!

Tea_Time_Treatrs_logoIn the meantime I am entering this cake into this month’s Teatime Treats, hosted by Karen of Lavender and Lovage and this month by Jane of the Hedge Combers.  The theme for March is “Decorative Cakes” and you can see the details here.


  1. Your mother in law must have been thrilled to get such a lovely cake.

  2. What a show stopper to end on for the time being. Here's to many hours happy baking in your new home(s)! xx

  3. Such a gorgeous cake! Lemon drizzle is one of favourite cakes. Good luck with the house move and hope to see you back soon x

  4. A magnificent cake for a milestone birthday. Hope you don't get withdrawal symptoms, but what better time for a cake-free regime ;o)

  5. that is such a pretty cake, you must be very please and super excited about your move... good luck!

  6. That's a seriously impressive birthday cake. I love that shape.

    1. Thanks Phil, I now feel slightly guilty that I put some of the non-edible glitter on it!
      If only I had known.

  7. Absolutely stunning Jean, thank you so much for linking it up to this months Tea Time Treats :)
    Janie x
    PS good luck with the move x