February 14, 2016


Date and toffee sweetheart cakes

I made these little cakes using a Wright’s Toffee Cake Mix.  A bit of a cheat I know, but sometimes there just isn’t the time to start from scratch, or all the ingredients to hand.

I simply added about 75g chopped dates to the packet mix, allowing them to soak in boiling water whilst I got the cake tins ready and mixed up the cake mix, so for about ten minutes.  I then drained them and stirred them into the cake mixture and baked at 180° fan for 18 minutes.

The interesting bit is that I had no luck with this cake tin last year – all the cakes stuck fast, see here – so this time I tried a different product, “PME  Release-a-cake”.  It worked a treat and all the cakes turned out perfectly.  It’s expensive stuff – my bottle has a label on it saying £4 – but it looks like a little goes a long way.  I used a small blob in each hole and brushed it into all the little nooks and crannies.  I shall definitely be using this stuff again.  And the Wright’s cake mixes are excellent – I think you would be hard pressed to know that they weren’t made from scratch if I hadn’t said.


  1. those cake releases are expensive but clearly worth it x

  2. I'm definitely in favour of short cuts and I never think of them as cheating. I'm also a fan of cake release products although, for some reason, I buy them and then mislay them somewhere or other.