March 11, 2013


After reading Dom of Bellau Kitchen’s recipe for lemon cake (actually his mum’s recipe to be truthful) I wondered how it would turn out in my bargain fancy cake tin that I bought from Lakeland.

lemon cake3

Well it turned out fine, just as good as the any time of day fruit cake, and I took it to my mother-in-law’s little Mother’s Day tea party where was well appreciated.

lemon cake1

Obviously, I had to let the cake cool just a little before turning it out and drizzling with the lemon syrup, rather than pouring it on straight out of the oven as per the recipe, because the cake is served upside down so the drizzle goes over the bottom, when it has become the top!

lemon cake4

It looked lovely and tasted delicious so I am most grateful to Dom for posting his mum’s recipe.

However, it was nowhere near as spectacular as this cake baked by Elizabeth which you can see here.

rose cake 1a[2]

Photograph by kind permission of Elizabeth.

She used the same recipe and made it into something beautiful for a friend’s birthday.  You can read all about it here. 

Well done Elizabeth – icing is something on my bucket list, which seems to be getting longer every day !!  After all, everyone needs something to aim for in life !!

I am linking this post to Bookmarked Recipes#22, a monthly event organised by Jacqueline of Tinned Tomatoes, to encourage people to try and blog about recipes they have found in blogs, websites, books and magazines.  You can read last month’s roundup and see the selection for this month so far here.


  1. I think your cake is adorable - I love the mould you've used. Thank you for the kind mention :) The icing was really simple to make, don't put it off to try doing it yourself, really, I'm sure you'll be surprised at how easy it is. x

  2. I've just bought a fancy silicone mould, and lemon cake comes under the heading of simple and delicious, so I may have to give it a whirl (pun intended). Simon's just made bread for breakfast. Yum.

  3. this is just so amazing... how incredible that my post was all about creating memories and now this recipe has gone on to create more memories too... your cake looks so beautiful. Thanks so much for the mention and the link... i'm a very happy man!

  4. I love the mould & I will have to get one next time I'm near a Lakeland. I'm pleased you like the lemon cake recipe - it really is fool proof. Dom will have to do the orange version which is also great. Regards Dom's mum

    1. Welcome, Dom's mum, I feel quite chuffed that you should leave a comment, almost as if I have had a visit from Royalty !! It's a great recipe and destined to become a favourite of this house. I must try the orange version, I bet it's fab.

  5. That mould really makes the cake look spectacular and I would prefer it minus the icing anyway. I love marzipan but you can keep the icing :-) Have a good day. Diane

  6. Such a beautiful cake. I've not been brave enough to try a fancy cake mould yet.

    ps the Bookmarked Recipes roundup is live. Thanks for adding your cake.