January 28, 2023


Looking back over old posts has served to remind me of a number of really good cakes that I used to make regularly, in one form or another.  I'm very fond of recipes that are not only straightforward and not too fiddly, but can also be adapted to use ingredients that I have in stock, rather than having to make a special trip to the shops for them.

This is one of those recipes.  It comes from the book "The Popina Book of Baking", which I have used a lot over the years.  The original recipe is described as a tart and uses plums but it's really a cake and virtually any fruit will work.  You can read what I wrote about it and see the recipe here.


  1. I remember those recipe challenges. It feels like a long time ago now and I remember that they made me bake too many cakes. Pears in a cake still sounds just as lovely, though.

    1. I rather miss those baking challenges, although I expect they were a huge amount of work for the people who ran them.


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