October 4, 2011


I am looking forward to the final of the Great British Bake-off on the telly tonight.  I have no idea which of the three finalists will win – it could be any one of them.


Last year I was surprised when the young man Edd Kimber beat the excellent Ruth into second place.  Her blog, “The Pink Whisk”  is great.  Finally we heard something more about Edd when his book came out not long ago.

I looked at it when it was on the shelves in Sainsbury’s and decided I had more than enough cook books of that type already. I have seen recipes from it featured in several of the blogs I follow so when I saw it knocked down in a local bookshop, I weakened.


I can resist everything except temptation and £5.99 was too much of a bargain to leave it on the shelf.  I am looking forward to sampling the goodies within but tonight I will be glued to the telly.

Good luck to Mary-Anne, Holly and Jo, may the best baker win !!


  1. I really, really, really recommend this book! I borrowed it from a friend and made about five recipes in 24 hours- all of which were a real success (down to the recipes not me!!). Looking forward to reading how you get on with the book!

  2. I'm thinking about getting the book so do let us know!

    PS where is your local bookshop, with prices like that i'm surprised there is not a queue at the door!!!!

  3. What a bargain!! I bought this book in Sainsburys. I haven't made anything from it yet but I've got so many recipes bookmarked that I plan to blog about very soon :-)