March 14, 2014



I was horrified and angry to read that this cake glitter is not edible at all, but made from shredded plastic and powdered brass.

I got mine from a local specialist cake decorating shop where they stocked about twenty different colours.  It’s now in the dustbin.

I remember being sceptical when I first bought it but felt that it probably wouldn’t be on sale at all if it was harmful or not edible.  Not in this day and age.

I should know by now to trust my instincts.


  1. I'm surprised that the authorities haven't spotted this and taken action.

    If it isn't too messy I'd be inclined to fish the stuff out of the bin, and take it back for a refund/something from the shop which is fit for purpose. It depends distance/time/inclination etc, but why should you be the one to suffer financially?

    1. Gaynor, it looks like Trading Standards had warned her but she insisted on carrying on selling the stuff, hence the court case.
      The article doesn't mention who alerted Trading Standards to the possibility that the glitter might not be edible.

      I bought my jars at least two years ago from a local specialist cake decorating shop. I considered taking them back but for the outlay decided it wasn't worth the effort. I imagine plenty of people will though.

  2. Replies
    1. Exactly!

      I sent a polite email to the shop where I bought the stuff and they replied very defensively, saying they didn't advise people to put it on the actual cakes and if "used correctly" it was an excellent product !!

      I was tempted to ask them what they did advise people to do with it, pointing out that it was on sale with all the other edible cake decorations when I bought it and no advice was offered when I took it to the till!

      But I couldn't be bothered.

      I expect they're expecting a deluge of complaints but personally I have too much on my plate at the moment to get steamed up about cake glitter!

  3. Personally, I would take the stuff into the shop and empty the bottles on the counter!!
    But, as you say...
    you have other things on your mind.

    Lovely picture of Leeds Magistrates Court in the Daily Wail article...
    the view from the bus window on the way home from the City centre.
    The architect must have played with Lott's Bricks as a child!!

    1. Tim, I feel rather sorry for the shopkeepers, who were persuaded the product was edible by the unscrupulous manufacturers.
      But knowing how glitter gets everywhere and lingers for ages, your idea would be a very satisfactory revenge !!