July 22, 2012


Dom of Bellau Kitchen proposed a slightly different Random Recipe Challenge this month, for people to post photos of their cookbook collection.


My collection of cookbooks is in several different locations around the house and in two different countries !!


The English “cloakroom collection”.  The “suite” came with the house when it was built in the 1950’s and I rather like its old fashioned, solid looks and the pale creamy yellow colour. 


The collection in the study.

cookbooks7Bedtime reading.  I was looking for a particular recipe.  One for blackcurrants with chocolate I think.

cookbooks1 And now the collection in our little French cottage, which is in a bookcase on the landing.  Notice the lovely wallpaper and brown paintwork on the door !!  The wallpaper is possibly 1970’s we think, which is when the house was last renovated, and the door was probably secondhand when it was fitted.  It has that horrid thin dull brown paint we saw in so many French houses when we were looking for one to buy.  This renovation is when the house became a holiday home for a Parisian family for the next thirty years.  The date of the first renovation is inscribed in the stone above the front door : 1798 !! 

Getting round to decorating the landing is on our list of things to do !!

Most of the books are duplicates of some of my favourites that I can’t live without, usually bought when they were in a  “three for two” offer or on sale in a cheap bookshop, which makes me feel slightly better about having so many.  Several were gifts from friends or family, a lovely idea for our little French home.


One of my favourite spots in the cottage to sit and relax- with a good cookbook.

cookbooks3Bedtime reading in France.  A friend alerted me to the delights of this series of mini cookbooks that you can buy in supermarkets, garages and newsagents.  They are about €3.30 each and great fun.  In French of course !!


  1. Impressive collection of books! I spot quite a few that are also on my bookshelf. Love the look of your cottage - so jealous ;-) Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm very impressed by your cloakroom collection. That's one place I hadn't thought of putting books until now. And that does look like a whole book on the subject of speculoos - that's wonderful. I have tried to understand the fanatical devotion that some people have to speculoos, especially in the north of France, but I confess that I still don't quite get it.

  3. i'm sure I commented here too but it seems my comments aren't coming through on everyone's blogs... I love your 'toilet' collection, very chic and your cottage really does look adorable I am very green over that... thanks for entering this month, so lovely to see where your home is x