March 8, 2012


This book arrived through the post yesterday. 


It’s the new book by the Hairy Bikers and is out in time for their new series on TV which starts next week.  They bake their way around Europe.  I’m really looking forward to the series.  These two remind me so much of many of the bikers we have known, full of friendly banter and mischief.

The book was offered as a “giveaway” on Kelly-Jane’s blog “Cooking the Books” !!  I left my comment without any expectation that my name would be drawn out of the hat so I was mega surprised when it was !!

The  book is full of all sorts of scrummy looking bakes that I can hardly wait to tackle.  So I am most grateful to Kelly-Jane for sending it to me.

Watch this space………!!


  1. Pauline and I are great fans of the Hairy Bikers... their series of visits collecting old recipes was lovely... it was that that led rise to my comment the other day about there being no really original recipes.

  2. Tim, we enjoyed that series too, some really great recipes turned up.