January 4, 2012


christmas cake 6

Well, the bargain Mary Berry Christmas cake was absolutely super.

I covered it with the marzipan on Christmas Eve.  There were mutterings of disappointment from Nick when he realised that the marzipan supplied in the kit would only cover the top.  So more was fetched so I could cover the sides as well. 

It ended up being a two-tone layer as the top was covered in the white marzipan and apricot jam from the kit but I bought yellow marzipan for the sides and only had blueberry jam already open so I used that.

I also had to make a quantity of royal icing to double the amount in the kit so that the sides could be iced as well as the top.  I slathered it on, about as last minute as you can get, on Christmas morning.

I fully intended to do something glamorous, chic and imaginative with the icing.  The owner of the little teashop just down the road had made a ring Christmas cake, covered it in fondant icing and decorated it with a few icing snowflakes and a tasteful sprinkling of silver glitter.  It looked fabulous.  (It tasted pretty fabulous, too.) (I wonder if I can remember where I have seen those little snowflake cutters for icing…….)

Once again there were complaints and grumblings from him indoors so I rummaged in the cupboards to find my ancient and old-fashioned decorations.  Except that I couldn’t find the Christmas tree – must remember to get a new one some time – I wonder if they still make those lovely little trees made out of what looks like a green bottle brush………

christmas cake 7We only cut two slices on Christmas Day so we took the cake to France with us on Boxing Day and finished most of it there, with the help of friends of course !!  There are just two small slices left.

So well done, Mary Berry.  If you don’t do the kits next year I will use your recipe to make one anyway.


  1. Yes Jean I remember those Christmas Trees when I was nowt but a lad! My mum always made a Christmas cake and we eat it with cheddar cheese ( my dad was a Yorkshire man and said that was the best way to eat it..)

  2. Our quick cake also turned out well and it was well drowned in whisky!! Neither of us are fond of icing, so we just kept the cake moist in foil and I made marzipan fruits to eat with it. Diane