December 21, 2011


I called in at our local library yesterday and spotted this book on the shelves.  It’s absolutely gorgeous.  I could eat every page.

couture chocolateI looked it up on Amazon and there is a cute video to promote it featuring the author.

(What a great idea ~ using muffin cases to blind bake mini tartlets ~ why didn’t I think of that ?)

I really don’t need another cookbook, let alone one about chocolate, which I really should give up after New Year.  It’s highly unlikely that I would cook many of the recipes in the book but I have a birthday present of a £25 Amazon gift voucher to spend.  And it’s gorgeous.  But I could spend the voucher on something a lot more useful.

Should I or shouldn’t I………….??

What would you do ??


I resisted temptation, took the book back to the library and treated myself to this one instead:

preppedI decided that it would be much more useful and had enjoyed it when I borrowed it from the library a few months ago.


  1. Go for what you want, Jean. If you want the book, get the book as you will gain alot of enjoyment from it.

    Haven't we reached that age in life where useful doesn't press the buttons any more? I now go for pleasure every time!!

  2. We agree go for the pleasure Jean!!!

  3. Spend the money on something more useful than chocolate? Well, I'm not sure I really understand that. At this time of year I'm always thinking that maybe the things that I want will turn up in a sale fairly soon and I'll be able to get them and the things I need as well. Sadly it never seems to quite work out. Have a great Christmas.