December 20, 2011


I haven’t made a Christmas cake for the last couple of years.  We both love it and we always used a Delia Smith recipe, which we really used to enjoy making.  (Licking the bowl was the best part.)

But it’s usually me that eats the last third (or even half) of the cake after Christmas, with the consequently disastrous effects on the waistline and the New Year good intentions to do something about it.

christmas cake 1

But when I saw this kit reduced from £10 to £5 in Tesco, my resolve weakened and I simply couldn’t resist. christmas cake 2 christmas cake 3 christmas cake 4

The ingredients all seemed to be good quality.  It said in the instructions that the fruit was already soaked but we gave it a little extra soak in sherry overnight, just in case it needed it.  The little sachet of black treacle had split and emptied most of its contents over the instruction leaflet so I used a spoonful of my own.  The instructions were still readable !!

It baked beautifully, exactly as it said on the tin on the pack, and it smelled divine when it came out of the oven. christmas cake 5

It made a sensibly deep 20cm cake, which I have yet to ice ~ but icing a cake at midnight on Christmas Eve is not that unusual in my house !!  I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Mind you, whilst the cake was in the oven, Nick went to Tesco and there was a huge mountain of the same kits, now reduced to £3.  Sod’s law, as always !!

Ingredients and method

Take one Mary Berry Christmas cake kit, add your own butter, eggs, orange and lemon zest and bake according to instructions.


  1. What a great idea. I have a very easy last minute recipe that only cooks for an hour. I made one yesterday and so long as I make sure it is well pickled in alcohol it lasts for ages. We seldom eat cake, so as long as it lasts we do not over indulge!!! Diane

  2. I've never seen those kits and even though I'm not a great lover of Christmas cake (and I can't eat it anyway)I would buy one at that price! The result looks delicious!

  3. I saw them as well Jean, and by the time I got to tesco they were £3. However I can beat that price. I went to visit a friend in Derby on saturday and in her newspaper there was a voucher for a free Delia Smith complete cake mix at Waitrose if you spent £25.
    I went, I spent ... and gave the cake mix to my daughter!

  4. I saw this kit today and was tempted... but i'm just not a huge fan of chrimbo cake, even though yours looks so good x

  5. This looks far better than most things made from packs. Good luck with the icing. I'm planning to do my Christmas shopping on the afternoon of the 24th. By then the packs should be around 20p if all goes to plan.