November 13, 2011


We don’t do much shopping around, mainly because our leisure time is short and we have better things to do than traipse from shop to shop, or trawl through scores of websites just to save a couple of quid.  We tend to think that you win some and you lose some and it all evens out in the end.  Especially when you start to consider delivery charges and any aggravation caused if something goes wrong.


Last Saturday we went on one of our every-so-often pilgrimages to Nottingham, which usually includes lunch at the Loch Fyne restaurant and a browse through John Lewis and Lakeland.


We also nipped into Debenhams to look at their cookware department and Nick had his birthday money from his mum burning a hole in his pocket so when he spotted this lovely Raymond Blanc skillet he fell in love.

We love watching cooking programmes on the TV and often you see a chef cook something in a frying pan and then put it in the oven or under the grill to finish off.  For that you need a skillet.  Raymond is such a sweetiepie and at £42 the skillet was expensive but we could see it was good quality so we bought it.


Then we went to Lakeland and whilst I was browsing I spotted exactly the same item on sale for £24.29.  That’s over £17 less.  We furtively checked in our Debenhams carrier bag and it definitely was exactly the same item.  Harrumph……..

If it had been two or three pounds less we would have shrugged and put it down to experience, or even a fiver difference would have been acceptable.  But £17 was unbelievable, if not unforgiveable.

So we did what most people would have done, I think.  We bought a second one from Lakeland and hoofed it back to Debenhams with our fingers crossed to say we had changed our minds.  The assistant in the cookware department gave us a refund efficiently and unsmilingly.  If she had had beady eyes she would have noticed the handle of the same skillet poking out of the top of our Lakeland carrier bag.  Maybe she did.

You can see the Lakeland item here and the same thing in Debenhams here.  On looking at Debenhams website you can see they have already knocked ten quid off it for internet shoppers.

Which just goes to show that sometimes shopping around is worth it.  Probably.

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  1. We agree Jean shopping around can be worth it.. We know only tooooo well from our experiences in France where prices vary in different branches of the same store.