May 10, 2011


We just had a great weekend.

Our French friends came to dinner on Saturday.  We cooked (even though I say so myself) a lovely meal for them and they came armed with super gifts: a bunch of beautiful flowers and a bottle of Lanson Black Label champagne.

But the third gift is the one that I was most excited to receive:

jars No less than nine Bon Maman jars and two spare lids.  A jam-maker’s joy.

On Sunday we defrosted our fridge-freezer and fitted some new handles to the doors.

The old handles broke a few years ago and we opened the doors by jabbing our fingers into the door seals.  We finally twigged that you can buy new handles and ordered some but they weren’t exactly the right ones so they got put aside for a while.  About a year actually.

handles2 However, it is turning out to be difficult to break the habit of several years of not using them.

handlesI even find myself pushing the little notes out of the way to get at the seals.  Sad but true.

I wonder how long it will be before I can throw the notes away.


  1. LOL bad habits are hard to break!!

    I would also be happy with the jam jars and lids. They are so expensive to buy. I am lucky that Nigel's Dad uses masses of jams and keeps all the bottles for me. Diane xx

  2. DON'T THROW THE NOTES AWAY!!!! That way madness lies....

  3. Things we have in common:
    I have always loved "Bonne Maman' jars and never buy because I like to make my own conserves, so to receive a gift like that, I too would be most appreciative.
    I can never explain sufficiently and clearly for the person I live with to comprehend that jars are precious and those with beautiful lids are treasures even before they have exquisite tastes inside.